How to calculate life expectancy

How to calculate life expectancy

Life expectancy of the person depends on a set of factors, beginning from the birthplace and finishing with habits of food and genetic features. However approximate number of years it is possible to calculate, using the calculator of doctor Thomas Perlz.

It is required to you

- handle;
- paper;
- calculator.

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Define the initial point of counting. For women it is 72 years, for men – 60 years. If you smoke, chew tobacco or constantly stay in the smoked room – subtract from initial figure of 2 years, at the negative answer – add 2. If you within a week eat more than – subtract two slices of smoked fat, sausage rolls or donuts 0,6. At the negative answer – add 0,6.


You prefer strongly fried thoroughly food? If so – subtract it 0,4. No – add 0,4. If you try to avoid fat food – add 2, cannot resist – take away 2. Give preference to vegetables – add 1,8. Love meat – subtract 1,8.


It is more than 500 ml of beer, or 300 ml of wine, or 100 g of vodka a day take away from you 1,2 years. If you do not abuse alcohol – add to yourself 0,6. Life in ecologically adverse place takes away 1 year, accommodation in the pure district - prolongs for 1 year.


More than 450 g of coffee a day take away from you 0,6 years. If you abstain from such amount of caffeine – add 0,6. If you follow recommendations of physicians and daily take aspirin in small doses – add to yourself 0,8 years if is not present – take away 0,8.


Daily using a tooth thread, you prolong the life for 1,2 years, neglecting it – shorten on 1,2. The regular chair says that you can add to yourself 0,8 years. If you have a chair less than – take away 1 time in 2 days 0,8. Risky sexual communications take away from you 1,6 years, abstain from them - add 1,6.


For 1,4 years strong suntan shortens your life. As much add if abstain from long stay on the sun. If – add your weight in norm 1,8 years, is not present – take away 1,8. Marriage prolongs your life for 1,8 years, the loneliness – shortens on 1,8.


If you are able to cope effectively with a stress – add to yourself 1,4 years, is not present – take away 1,4. Presence of one blood relative who was more suffering from diabetes approaches your death for 0,8 years if this disease did not affect your family – add to yourself 0,8.


If at least one of your parents died, without having lived till 75 years - subtract 2 years if parents long-livers – add 2 years. More than one close blood relative who lived till 90 years is added to you by 4,8 years, in the return case – subtract 4,8.


Regularly play sports? Add to yourself 1,4 years. Prefer to be too lazy – subtract 1,4. Accepting vitamin E, you prolong life for 1,6 years, without accepting – shorten on 1,6.


Count the result. This figure will determine duration of your life in case you do not change the habits.