How to issue the contract of donation of property

How to issue the contract of donation of property

Now many people give to other persons property. The contract of donation of property is for this purpose made out. It is best of all to entrust its drawing up to the notary who will testify capacity of the donator and donee. The package of documents together with the contract is represented in registration chamber where the receipt on obtaining documentation, and then the certificate on registration of the property right is issued.

It is required to you

- form of the contract of donation;
- passport of the donator;
- passport of the donee;
- documents on property;
- legislation;
- the list of documents which should be presented to registering body.

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At emergence of need to present the property, for example, the apartment which is in your property, address to the notary. He will make sure of capacity of the donator, that is you, and the donee, the person to whom you donate real estate. Also the notary will be convinced that the parties did not undergo pressure, are in strong reason.

Make the contract. Specify the passport data, the registration address, a surname, a name, the donee's middle name, the address of its residence in it. Bring data on real estate according to documents on the apartment, the house. Write the address of finding of property, number of rooms, the square of housing, accession number.

The real estate should not be pledged, subjected to claim of the third parties. The contract of donation is signed by the donator and the donee. Signatures are certified by the notary. Consider the following. If to you the owner transferred the right to act from his name, the information on the donator and the person to whom the real estate is transferred is specified in the power of attorney your supplied.

Come to registration chamber and specify the list of documents which need to be presented. In different regions their list can differ. Take the reference from a house management on number of the persons registered in the apartment. Request an extract from technical data sheet of real estate in bureau of technical services. The contract of the property right, the contract of donation and other documents which list you learn in registering body, present to registration chamber.

In registering body you will be given the voucher above the specified documents where their quantity, date of representation is specified. After some time to you the ownership, the contract of donation and other original documents are transferred the certificate on registration.