How to establish pump stations

How to establish pump stations

The equipment of a well and installation of pump station the most optimum option for use of water in places of lack of the central water supply system. Having connected pump station to a well, you will have opportunity to use water as at the central water supply. And you will need to pay only the electricity consumed by the pump.

It is required to you

- pipes
- couplings
- summer of FUM
- the protective mechanism from the dry course
- crane
- reception valve
- backpressure valve

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If you are far from installation of the similar equipment, entrust it to professionals better. Not the correct installation and start of the pump can lead to its breakage owing to what on it you lose a guarantee. If you after all decided to install the pump independently, attentively study the instruction on installation and start of pump stations.


Before installing the pump on a constant place be convinced that all details which have to rotate, are not blocked. For this purpose accurately remove a casing and check rotation of a shaft. If it rotates hardly, turn it by means of a screw-driver. Do not forget that the pump on a guarantee and it is strictly forbidden to break integrity of seals.


Prepare the rigid basis for fixing of the pump on it. This necessary condition because during the work the pump vibrates and will move that can damage to connections in pipes.


Install the pump in the dry, well aired room in the maximum proximity from a well. The pump has to have diameter of the connected pipeline more than a branch pipe.


If installation from protection of the dry course is not provided in model of your pump, get it in addition. It is impossible to start the pump without this equipment.


If the water column is in a well at a depth exceeding 4 meters in addition install the reception valve in the highway of absorption.


Also on the highway of water supply it is necessary to install the backpressure valve.


It is necessary to connect the pipeline in the vacuum way that there was no air suction. Otherwise the pump station will not be disconnected, and the crane will constantly leave air together with water.


Establish pipes from metalplastic. Plastic pipes do not connect to pump station.


Before starting the pump adjust pressure in a hydraulic tank, connect the device of protection against the dry course and let out the air traffic jams formed in system in the course of installation, having turned on the crane.