How to make a bath mat

How to make a bath mat

If you have the mass of free time in a stock and decided to decorate a bathroom with a new original rug, time for its production came. To make a bath mat quite easily and interestingly, it is possible to connect children to this fascinating occupation. Stock up with necessary materials and a great patience.

It is required to you

- strong all-purpose adhesive;
- a rubber basis (it is possible to use a linoleum piece);
- pebble and sea stones (it is desirable flat);
- knitted fabric;
- dense fabric;
- scissors;
- sewing machine;
- bilateral adhesive tape;
- glue;
- wine traffic jams;
- construction gun.

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You saw sometime the bath mat made of stones? It casts thoughts as if you are in the Spa salon. But such thing costs very much and it is possible to find it not everywhere. The main part of time for production of such interesting rug leaves on a selection and an otsortirovka of the necessary stones, according to color, the size, a form and thickness. In what order you will stack pebble, depends only on your imagination and imagination. It is possible to spread patterns or flowers.

Process of production of a rug is rather simple. For a start carefully wash up alkaline soap the prepared rubber basis, then dry up and it is possible to start pebble gluing. Smear a small site of a basis with all-purpose adhesive and put stones, select them intelligently that the space between them was as little as possible. Represent as if you collect a color mosaic. Having laid all stones, leave a rug to dry for days.

That feet did not freeze on a tiled floor, make independently interesting shaggy rug. For its tailoring take any knitted fabric, dense material under tone of jersey (for a basis), scissors, an adhesive tape, threads and the sewing machine. Cut knitted fabric on thin strips, about a half-centimeter wide, length – ten centimeters. Then the cut strips should be sewn on a basis (sew strips in the middle, through each three centimeters). As a result the magnificent fringe will turn out. For convenience can paste strips by means of a bilateral adhesive tape, but this design will not be durable.

The following original idea – a bath mat from wine traffic jams. If you have opportunity to gather a large number, that is opportunity to realize them in a rug. Take 175 stoppers and cut them lengthways on two halves. As a basis take dense fabric of 46х75 centimeters in size. Grease each stopper with all-purpose adhesive from the construction gun and lay on a basis. If some traffic jams do not find room, they can be cut with a stationery knife.