How to unpack a stroke a code

How to unpack a stroke a code

Quite often it is required to create independently, say, the price tag containing besides the text and a bar code. Any additional equipment for this purpose it will not be required. Rather ordinary computer and printer.

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Choose bar code type from the falling list. In case you do not know, what type it has to be, be guided by the following reasons. If it is necessary for you that the vast majority of readers could distinguish it, choose the EAN-8 or EAN-13 standard. For generation of a two-dimensional code available to the majority of the readers intended for this purpose, and also programs for mobile phones intended for this purpose use the QR Code standard.


Enter, depending on opportunities of the code chosen by you, or the fixed combination of letters or figures, or any text. In it it is possible to use only Latin. If the QR code with the text containing Cyrillics is necessary use other online service: Do not insert too long text into a two-dimensional code, differently it will turn out big, but containing fine details. It is inconvenient to read out it.


If you have phone with a chamber and the program for interpretation of bar codes, and your monitor - liquid crystal, check by means of phone, whether the code, already at this stage was correctly generated. If at your disposal there is a scanner of bar codes, it will be possible to read it only after listing.


Save the graphic file with a ready bar code. If the first of services is used, choose for this purpose one of references corresponding to a desirable format of the file.


Insert the graphic file into the document, using for this purpose possibilities of the text or graphic editor by which this document is edited. If necessary change as appropriate its sizes. Do it so that on the image there was no blurring.


Print out the document together with a code. Check by means of the reader and phone, how accurately the bar code is read out from listing in both ways.