How to increase a breast in the natural way

How to increase a breast in the natural way

23,6 kg - weigh the biggest breast in the world so much. Its size - 153XXX. The woman increased the breast to such size artificially, by means of implants. Similar operations, by recognition of plastic surgeons, one of the most demanded. However experts are sure that there is a number of ways of increase in a breast in the natural way.

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That the breast increased by one-two sizes without surgical intervention, it is necessary to reconsider the food allowance. If to you already for 25, various "grandmother's methods" do not suit you. For example, you should not lean on yeast, to put pepper plasters on a breast and to draw iodic setochka. Start using more peas, lentil, haricot, soy and other grain crops better.

The excellent way to increase a breast was invented by Americans. They recommend to eat at least one, but big pizza and to wash down it with beer. Two huge minuses of such way are that, first, your health will very strongly suffer, secondly, will grow not only a breast, but also all other parts of a body. Therefore if you risk to use the similar recommendation for increase in volume of your breast, surely register in a gym. It will help to keep a waist and hips under control.

Can try to increase a breast, eating as much as possible apples like "semerinka" or other similar cultures. Also growth of volumes was noticed and at the regular use in food of the fresh crackling grain top crusts.

As option, it is possible to take also such advice. Take walnuts and fill in them with liquid honey. Let's be drawn within a week, and after accept on three pieces a day.

Start accepting vitamins. Positively influence a breast And, With and E. Mozhete to use ready complexes, and can include simply in the menu more vegetable food, rich with these vitamins. It both spinach, and apricots, and citrus.

Special positive influence both on the size, and on a shape of a breast is rendered by massage and use of special creams. Choose from cosmetics only what are intended for care of a bust. Such creams render the tightening effect on breast muscles, improve production of collagen and promote increase in volume.

As for massage, the principle of its action is rather simple. Vigorous razminaniye help to improve blood circulation that, in turn, stimulates increase in a breast.

In certain cases use hormonal preparations. However such way is fraught with problems with health in the future. Therefore before treatment by similar medicines it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Not less popular for these purposes it is considered a cold shower. Unlike hot it forces muscles to be in a tone, tightens them and strengthens walls of vessels. If acceptance of a cold shower for you is similar to tortures, can use usual ice. Freeze on either usual water, or broths of herbs, salt solutions, etc. and daily wipe clockwise a breast. One cube of ice - one breast.

One more way - use of masks and compresses. It is best of all to carry out such procedures in a complex. At first contrast compress. For this purpose put the steamed-out, hot towel on a breast. Literally for a minute. Then cold for the same time. It will help to bring breast skin into a tone and will prepare it for influence of a mask. To reach effect, carry out compresses daily in the morning and in the evening within 3-4 weeks.

11 After a compress make a mask. It is possible to buy ready, and it is possible to guide it independently. For this purpose you need usual cosmetic clay. It can be bought in any drugstore. Part it according to the instruction and apply on a breast, without mentioning area of nipples. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Then wash away warm water and grease a breast with nutritious cream.