How to cut off grapes at winter

How to cut off grapes at winter

Each amateur gardener having on the site at least one bush of grapes is excited by the same question: as it is correct to look after grapes and to make it ready for the winter. After all untimely and illiterate cutting of a rod can lead to crushing further of berries and clusters, will reduce winter hardiness of bushes.

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- Secateurs.

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Each kidney of a grapevine gives a long branch and a fruit brush during vegetation. But as there is a lot of kidneys, respectively and branches a large number, and fruit brushes will turn out. But brushes and berries thus will be small. Therefore in a bush there has to be a reasonable amount of long-term wood. Cutting of bushes is reduced to formation of the main skeletal part (shoulders, shtamb and sleeves) and to creation of a form of a bush.

Start cutting of grapes two-three weeks later after a leaf fall. In the first decade of October escapes get light brown color and when bending slightly crackle. It is connected with that outflow of the organic substances developed by leaves stops. The plant gradually passes training and prepares for winter, there comes rest of a rod.

Examine attentively bushes and estimate their condition. Carry out sanitary clearing: remove volchkovy and poroslevy escapes which were not cut off in the summer, and also the leaves which are below the first wire. Cut off not ripened tops of escapes, leaves can be dumped.

It is worth knowing that replacement knots therefore it is possible to do and without them are ineffective. At early cutting remove on a sleeve all excess and underdeveloped rods, except one – well ripened. It that will also fructify next year.

Having finished processing of a bush, begin cutting with the lower part. On all knots of replacement cut off each lower external escape on 3-4 peepholes. The following escapes, above a new knot, cut off on a fruit arrow, that is about 4-18 eyes (everything depends on feature of a grade of grapes). Remove the top escapes at all, it is not necessary for strengthening of a link. In the same way cut off also all other bushes of grapes.

In the spring repeated cutting of rods of grapes, but on only two-three kidneys is made. After blooming of kidneys on the cut-off branches, break out all escapes, leave only two top. From the remained escapes the next year create fruit links.