How to update ON Nokia phone

How to update ON Nokia phone

Many errors in operation of mobile phones can be corrected by updating of the microprogram. This process has the name "insertion" and has to be carried out with observance of all important nuances.

It is required to you

JAF 1.9.

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Begin with a choice of the suitable microprogram. It is better to carry out loading of these files from the official site of developers of the mobile phone. Besides, there is an opportunity to find the checked insertion at the popular forums devoted to devices of Nokia firm.

Install the drivers necessary for connection of phone to the computer. In this case it is about the files providing synchronization with the personal computer with the switched-off device.

Prepare the mobile phone and necessary accessories. Charge the device accumulator. Surely take the SIM card. It will secure you against the failure caused by the Sms or a call.

Download and install the JAF program. Use version 1.95 or newer. Start the specified application and open the BB5 tab. Connect the switched-on mobile phone to USB port of the computer.

Activate the Factory Set and Normal Mode points, having put opposite to them ticks. Press the INF button. Be convinced that phone was defined by the program. Specify the current version of an insertion. It should not be higher than that which you are going to establish.

Specify the catalog in which new files of the microprogram are located. Choose insertion type. Press the Flash button. Several times confirm start of process of updating of the software, having pressed the Yes buttons.

Wait until process of an insertion comes to the end. During it the mobile device can reboot several times in the automatic mode. After a while there will be a message that procedure of change of the microprogram is successfully complete.

Disconnect the mobile phone from the computer. Take an USB cable and reboot the device. Adjust parameters of operation of phone. Remember that in the course of change of the microprogram memory of the device will be completely cleared.