How to adjust a chamber on the Mail the Agent

How to adjust a chamber on the Mail the Agent

Mail the Agent represents the program for communication online with the users having a mailbox in system, it supports also possibility of video conference by means of the microphone and the webcam connected to the computer.

It is required to you

- the computer connected to the Internet;
- webcam;
- the installed Mail Agent program.

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Start the Agent application Mail.Ru by means of a label on a desktop or on the panel of fast start. Choose "Menu", pass into the Setting Up Program point, further choose the Voice and Video tab. Perform tuning of the agent for communication with the help of a chamber.

If on the computer the installed one sound card, leave all settings without changes. In case of need choose the necessary devices for reproduction of a sound, mix and record. For installation of the maximum sensitivity of a microphone establish a tag near the option "Strengthening of a Microphone".

Select the Webcam tab to adjust a chamber in the Agent program Mail.Ru. If on the computer some cameras are installed, choose that which will be used by default from the list. Establish a tag near the option "Allow Other Users to Find Me on Existence of the Webcam". Then you will be displayed in search results on presence of the webcam on the computer.

Be convinced that on your computer and at your interlocutor earphones/loudspeakers, the webcam and a microphone are connected and adjusted. Establish connection with the Internet. For commission and reception of video calls in the Mail Agent program you need to establish the latest version a flash player.

By name contact from the list right-clicks, choose the option "Videozvonok on the Computer". In case of reception of a call in a window of dialogue video window will open. Also there can be a window in which it is necessary to confirm use of the webcam in the Mail Agent program.

For this purpose click on the Confirm button. In the course of conversation you can disconnect or include a microphone, clean or change a sound. For display of a signal from a chamber in a separate window click on the Full Screen button. If the interlocutor sees you without hindrances, so you managed to perform correctly tuning of a chamber in the Mail Agent program.