As tracking of departures is arranged in ems

As tracking of departures is arranged in ems

Having sent the registered mail or a parcel post through service "to EMS - Russian Post", it is possible then to trace the status of departure on the Internet. For this purpose it is necessary to enter into a form on the site the code received in post office.

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Even in the absence of Internet access you can receive information that your mailing is delivered. The corresponding notice will come to your phone in the form of the Sms. But this service is paid, and it is necessary to order it at the time of sending the registered mail or a parcel post. Besides, she does not allow to learn about the intermediate stages of delivery. Therefore in the presence of access to a global network it is better to trace departure through it. After all even if you have no computer, it is possible to get access to the site of "Russian Post" and from the mobile phone (in the presence of the browser and unlimited access).

Each object sent through service EMS at the time of sending is supplied with a sticker with a bar code. It contains fourteen figures if transfer is carried out across the territory of the Russian Federation and if delivery is made to the foreign country - that of two incidentally chosen Latin letters, nine figures, and then - the letters RU. At the time of sending object from one post office to another this code is scanned, and information on it is fixed on the server.

The mail carriers which are engaged in delivery of correspondence through service EMS use figurative scanners of bar codes. Handing departure to the addressee, they also scan the code located on it. Soon these data also reach the central server on the GPRS channel.

The sender can learn at any time location of the registered mail or a parcel post, having entered a code into a form on the page the reference on which is given below. The control system of the contents (CMS - content management system) located on the web server of "Russian Post" automatically contacts the server of service EMS, transfers it a code, receives in reply information on location of departure, and then transfers result in the form of automatically generated web page to the user's browser.