How to make crispbread?

How to make crispbread?
Small loafs become on the rye flour mixed with usual wheat flour. Both types of a flour undertake in equal quantities.

That is required for preparation

100 grams of margarine or vegetable oil
Incomplete glass of cold milk (approximately ¾ glass)
Sugar tablespoon
Salt teaspoon
200 grams of rye flour
200 grams of wheat flour


Margarine it is necessary to kindle, dissolve in it salt and sugar, to allow to cool down to room temperature. Then to pour in cold milk (it has to be from the refrigerator), to pour both types of a flour and to knead uniform dough. Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes to have a rest.
Oil a table, roll dough in very thin layer (as it is possible is thinner), often pin a fork and cut small slices.
Spread on a baking sheet, put in an oven and on average fire bake till golden color.
Small loafs can be used for preparation of various sandwiches or just like that to crackle – too very tasty. Still they can be used instead of chips for decoration of salads (then it is necessary to cut small slices) or to strew with broken small loafs salad from above instead of croutons.