How to create the house movie

How to create the house movie

Cunning of creation of the house movie consists in the correct planning, competent direction and creative editing the finished shooting material. To remove and mount the worthy and qualitative house movie, approach with all responsibility each step.

It is required to you

- support,
- video camera,
- the computer with programs for video-tape editing (Adobe Premier, Windows Movie Maker, Avidemux).

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Plan in advance, foresee each action which you are going to remove. If you are going to make, for example, the house movie about the holiday, think over that you can expect, what events should be removed, and that it is better to disregard.


Decide on the location. For a holiday it can be a drawing room corner where you will put a support to capture all guests the general plan, or the dining room where you will cut a pie, – there it is necessary to remove close ups and foreshortenings. Making the scenario, think where there will be main characters of the movie and where you have to be at this moment with a video camera in hands. It is possible to write down the approximate plan of how your foreshortenings and the course of shootings will look. On a vernacular it is called as a storyboard.


Pay attention to lighting, setup of the camera, existence of the charged battery and pure cartridges or a flash memory. Collect and double-check all equipment to be convinced that you have an additional lighting, a microphone and cords of food. Check a video camera twice. Adjust everything with special care that the equipment did not bring you at midpoint.


Write the scenario of the movie. If you have an accurate plan of shootings, and the movie will be much easier to be mounted further.


That shots were not mobile and greased, use a support for general plans. However that the result was not too monotonous, periodically change a point of shooting and fineness of the plan.


Leave the finished shooting material "be defended" for day - two. To start mounting the family movie, it is necessary to have a new view. Do not feel sorry for "empty" and bad shots, peredvizhek chambers, bessobytiyny video – all this should be cut out from the movie and to send to a basket. The average duration of concentration of attention is measured in minutes, but not hours. It will be interesting to nobody to watch, for example, three-hour chronology about the jumping and barking dog. Choose the most ridiculous, interesting, substantial moments, impose on them cheerful music and mount a 15-minute videoclip.