How to gain authority

How to gain authority

The authority on any collective is very important, is not dependent on that, working it or friendly. But it is not so simple to win it, for this purpose it is necessary to consider a little important the moments and not to forget about them for a second.

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Remember that at first you work for authority, and then the authority works for you. Therefore be adjusted and be ready to work some time. Even if it seems to you that good situation in collective does not shine you, do not take in head to lower a hand – at any time everything can change.


Work on the authority from first second of hit in collective. Still nobody cancelled the rule of the first impression. At acquaintance be friendly, friendly, it is legible tell the name and learn names of surrounding people. Try to remember them, repeating for this purpose a name of each person aloud after it is presented.


Are not silent. You, of course, can prove to be in all beauty and at the second meeting, and on the third, but it will be more expedient to declare at once himself several powerful and interesting phrases.


That it was simpler to meet with people, having cast away confusion, arrange an informal meeting. If you at work, suggest to remain after it and to drink tea. If it is the new company of friends, invite them to yourself on a visit, suggest to arrange picnic in the country or to go on a new exhibition. Be not afraid to move towards collective the first, they will estimate it.


Treat validly all members of the company. If someone is not pleasant to you, it is better to keep silent, certainly, if the person does not pass ethical standards of behavior. In this case attempt to return it into place you will also be able to add points to the authority. The main thing, any acts have to be delicate and weighed.


So far you yet not the in the company, will look narrowly at you and, as required, to check "for durability". Be ready to it, are not angry and do not give estimates. Accept any manifestations with humour even if it is the amusing act of dedication.


Always be responsible for the words if promise – carry out. Do not deceive, it says goodbye only to children. Having undermined trust once, in adult collective to you it will be difficult it to return on a former position. Consider each act and be honest both before themselves, and before people around. If cannot make, do not jump above the head.


Existence of intelligence and the developed sense of humour in any collective is appreciated and encouraged therefore do not forget to train both of these qualities on an equal basis. Ability to be serious and is good to joke, including over itself – whether this not ideal combination in character. You will be perceived as the complete personality, but not as strict pedant or eternal merry fellow.


Be natural. It, perhaps, most important. If do not possess big actor's data, it is better not to try to play, representing from themselves the one whom you are not. The authority is always under construction on original character of his owner. Therefore if you not absolutely correspond to that position which can occupy in collective, at first work over yourself, and then and the gained authority will become your reflection.