How to find the person in the city by last name

How to find the person in the city by last name

"You recognize her from one thousand" - very optimistical forecast in case of search of the person with a widespread surname. How to find the former schoolmate, the colleague or the hero of a holiday romance, knowing about it the minimum data – a name and a surname.

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These data though minimum, but very important, and search even in the densely populated city has every chance to be successful. Before passing to consideration of several ways of search, we will remind that after a marriage most of women change the surname. Therefore, searching for the young lady, use both options – both a maiden name, and a surname "on the husband".


Perhaps, the most convenient (without rising from a sofa) the way is a search on social networks today. Authors of the popular sites actually so also position them: "for search and communication with those who is necessary and interesting to you". Specify all data known to you and coordinates of the required person in criteria of peep. The more detailed you will make it, the you should see less results accounts. The way is very effective for the regional and regional cities, but is bulky for search of residents of the capitals. Though, depends on degree of prevalence of a surname much.


In general, any search of the person is an appeal to databases. Among the state organizations you can be helped with city help service, with bureau of addresses. Actually, in the different cities and the countries these offices can carry different names (we gave the most widespread), but from change of names the essence does not change – they help to look for the person in the city according to the data provided about it.


If you not the employee of power and government structures, it does not mean yet that you have no access to information limited on distribution. There are various piracy databases of biographical data on citizens, for example, of base of mobile network operators. Some of them are laid out in a free access on the Internet, but there are also those, to which it is necessary either to pay for access, or to satisfy a certain condition. So will be ready to share one of databases with you in replacements by 10 new addresses "merged" in it. But remember, use and distribution of such bases is illegal.