How to prepare millet meat pie?

How to prepare millet meat pie?
I do not know, whether that pie which I want to offer will be pleasant to you, or not, but it unambiguously costs attention. First of all in this pie attracts unusual dough. When I train him, all long guess that it for such dough. And it is natural, after all the pshenka forms a basis for dough.
However, despite some extravagance, there was no case that dough in particular, or pie in general, were not pleasant. Simply, I want to warn at once that it differs from all other pastries. And still I can advise to experiment with stuffings. Absolutely improbable food can turn out. Personally to me, besides a meat stuffing, still very much it is pleasant also mushroom. But, to solve to you. Try, experiment!

Millet meat pie

It will be necessary for you:

For dough
Grain millet – 200 g
Milk – 400 ml
Eggs – 3 pieces.
The yeast (pressed) – 2 tbsps.
Vegetable oil – 3 tbsps.
Wheat flour (it is desirable a rough grinding) – ¼ glasses
Salt – ½ tsps.

Mincemeat – 500-600 g
Onion – 1-2 bulbs (depending on the size)
Salt, pepper – to taste
Vegetable oil – for pan-frying

Way of preparation:


Well wash out millet and fill in with milk. Put to cook on small fire. Salt. Often stirring slowly, cook porridge. Without allowing to cool down ready porridge, wipe it through a sieve, at once pour in the oil, yeast divorced in a small amount of warm milk. Mix everything, cover with a pure napkin and put in a warm place that the millet support rose.
As soon as it rises, right there enter into it a flour, yolks. Mix. Again cover with a napkin and wait that dough rose once again. After that, enter the whites which are very accurately beaten with a salt pinch. On it with dough so far all.


Spassiruyte in well warmed oil small cut onions. When it becomes transparent, add to it forcemeat. Everything should be fried to full readiness. Do not forget to salt and pepper.


Divide dough into 2 parts. Hands lay one of these half on the oiled form. Then there is a turn of a stuffing. Having leveled a stuffing, close it the dough rest. Now it is possible to put in order pie in the oven warmed to 220 degrees for about 40-50 minutes.
It is best of all to serve millet meat pie hot to the companies with sour cream.

Bon appetit!