How to choose a female down-padded coat

How to choose a female down-padded coat

Choosing outerwear, each person tries to pick up for himself something practical, warm, well and, of course, the beautiful. A down-padded coat - a thing unique. To get it it is possible at rather inexpensive price, so also answering to the recent fashionable trends. To choose a female down-padded coat for one season, it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account some nuances.

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For a start solve, what style of a down-padded coat you would like to get. Today producers represent a big variety of models: short and long, with various fillers and a coloring.

Filler choice

Pay attention: the filler can be as natural (from down of a goose, a swan, a duck), and artificial (a synthetic winterizer or cotton wool). If the down-padded coat is filled with down of an artificial origin, it too very practical and warm thing maintaining any washing. Be afraid of fakes: models with a wadded (sinteponovy) filler are not capable to save even from weak frosts and over time rolls down and gets off, losing the original form.

Attentively examine a thing. If the down-padded coat is filled with a synthetic winterizer or cotton wool, it (synthetic winterizer) will surely get from seams, giving out itself. Carefully feel a thing. If you feel causticity, most likely, producers saved on down, having replaced it with feathers. Such model is not too durable and will serve to you no more than 1-2 seasons. Also pay attention to the structure specified on a down-padded coat label. Remember: the qualitative model consists of 30% of a feather and 70% of down, to the touch it elastic and soft.

Define down-padded coat model on weight. Of course, you should not run to the next scales and to weigh it. But nevertheless, the qualitative thing should not be heavier than 1 kg, even if it very long. The down-padded coat on bigger degree has to consist of down, and it very easy.

Try to choose a down-padded coat in shop. Remember: the majority of fakes comes true in the markets; such quality assurance as the sack applying to a thing with a filler is forged even. In it they can place really natural down which has no relation to internal filling of model.