How to lift base

How to lift base

Database is set of logically connected data which are processed by program systems and are used for satisfaction of needs of users for different information. When the database "falls", that is fails, is not necessary in a panic to tear the hair. There are some ways to return everything into place.

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Check existence of base on which you will lift damp. If that is not present, it needs to be created. Remember that damp bases will lay down only on the same size which was at its preservation. The extent of base is specified during its creation.

Lift base from the command line ISQL or any editor as DbArtisan. For this purpose consider the command line isql. In a command line gather start-up with:> isql - Usa – P (the password if is) – S (a server name by default the current computer). After that there will be an invitation 1>. Gather 1> use master. 2> go. 1> load database NameDB from 'with:??? .dmp'. 2> go;/*-------*/If it is required, a nakatayta the ravine: 1> load transaction NameDB from 'with:??? .log'. 2> load transaction NameDB from 'with:??? .log'; 3> load transaction NameDB from 'with:??? .log'; 4> go./*-------*/; 1> online database database name. 2> go.

Restore a database from Sybase Central. For this purpose come into the Databases folder, get up the right button of a mouse on a keg of base and press the restore/next point. Press the Add/Explicit Dump Device/specify button a way of Physical Path: 'c:??? .dmp/ok. Then press the buttons Further and It is ready. At such way the base remains inaccessible, so far for it not to execute command from SQL Advantage> online database a database name.

Lift a database by means of team for DUMP raising. For this purpose in a command line it is necessary to gather dump database akvilon to "c:/dump_name.dmp", then go, then gather online database a name of a database and again go.

Also the database can be "rolled away". To carry out a backup press the Start-up / Execute button. In the appeared window gather cmd and press input. For sikvelny authorization gather osql – S (server) – U (login) – P (password), for vindovsovsky: osql – S (server) – E. Then type the program of a backup: 1> backup batabase NAME of to the disk BASE = 'the WAY TO the PLACE WHERE the BACKUP' with stats=1 WILL LIE; 2> go; 1> exit.