How to pass test on stories

How to pass test on stories

It is very difficult to many school students and students to pass various testings, including offsets. The stress, fear, the wrong organization of preparation for test work and ignorance of nuances of the correct behavior are guilty directly during offset delivery here.

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Repeat all subjects and historical dates which will be present at questions of offset. Write out dates and the corresponding events on a single sheet is will help you to remember quicker them. Alternate preparation for offset to rest, change kinds of activity, it promotes the best storing.

Do not sit all night long at material repetition, good it will not give anything. You do not sleep and to learn everything for one night is unreal. Better read abstracts and the textbook before going to bed careful, information received at this time strongly is acquired by a brain.

Come to offset a bit earlier. If a form of its carrying out such is that pupils come into an office on one - do not go in the last ranks, under way repeating the taught less questions. From it in your thoughts there will be only a turmoil and the tired teacher is much angrier by the end of acceptance of offset.

Put on not striking clothes offset, with moderation use cosmetics and jewelry. You have to emphasize with the appearance respect for the teacher and a subject which it teaches.

Answer questions of the teacher with confident tone, be not lost if some of them you do not know. It is possible to try "to attach" organically information known to you to the demanded unknown. For example, the teacher can ask you: in what year the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed, you, without remembering date, can answer in this way: "Sorry, please, date took off at me from the head, but the essence of the contract to me is known", etc. Be not afraid to show an initiative, it is better to tell something, than to be silent.

Avoid monotonous submission of information, you have to show to the teacher that material is interesting to you. Choose average tempo of speech, not too fast, but also not too slow with big pauses if do not want to receive a couple of additional questions.

Do not gesticulate, answering questions of the teacher, it irritates many people and makes impression of not accurate person. Stand up straight, do not stoop, be sure of themselves and the knowledge.