How to calculate the general seniority

How to calculate the general seniority

Payments of all social benefits are made, proceeding from the general experience which pays off on all employment records. Before payment were made, proceeding from an insurance experience of the employee. The general experience can be counted in two ways – using the computer program or to make full calculation manually.

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At calculation of the general length of service according to the program it is necessary to bring all data on the entire periods of work at each enterprise. The result of an experience calculated advanced in years, months and days will turn out.


If you consider manually, bring in a column the entire periods of work at each enterprise. On each enterprise at which the employee worked, make separate calculation by subtraction from date of dismissal date of employment. Put the received figures. Full year of an experience pays off proceeding from 12 months, full month – from 30 days.


On payments of social benefits it is necessary to grant the exact sum of years, months and days of the general experience on documents irrespective of it exceeds 8 years or not.


At an experience of 8 years and more payments for social benefits make 100% of average earnings in 24 months, from 5 to 8 years – 80%, till 5 years – 60%.


The sum of average earnings is counted proceeding from all received means from which insurance premiums were paid. Total amount in 24 months needs to be divided on 730. The received figure will be daily average earnings, proceeding from this sum, calculation of a grant, depending on the employee's experience is made.