How to come into a private office Volgatelekom

How to come into a private office Volgatelekom

At the beginning of 2011 "Volgatelekom" became part of the Rostelecom company. Therefore for viewing of data on services in a private office it is necessary to visit the website of the head company at first.

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Visit the website of the Rostelecom company to the address Find a region choice window in the right top corner of the page. Press a tick near it. In the appeared list choose the Volga macroregion, and in it – your area. Click its name once.

In the right top corner over a window which you just used, find an inscription "Private office". Press the image of the lock near it. The browser will automatically redirect you on the old version of the site. If the redirection does not occur, guide the cursor at an inscription "Private office" and detain. In the dropping-out help click "the previous version of the site" the underlined phrase.

Depending on the concrete region you will need to enter login and the password in the right part of the screen or to click an inscription "An entrance to a private office on the services Internet" (or a telephony).

If you have no login and the password, receive its one of ways. It is possible to be registered online, having clicked the corresponding inscription near a window for an entrance, or in the middle of the screen in the text of the description of service. On the new page think up login and the password for your account, and also specify the e-mail address. Depending on the region and date of connection data, necessary for an entrance, can give out at office during the conclusion of the contract. Besides, in some cases as login it is possible to use a home telephone number, and number of personal account will become the password.

Gather login and the password in the corresponding windows and press the Entrance button (or "to Enter"). On the main page of a private office you will see the main data on the connected services – number of personal account, the name of a tariff plan, a state of the account, the sum of the last payment and expenses current month. Having chosen other tabs in an office, you will be able to be connected to other tariff, to look at detailed statistics of use of services, to connect additional options. After completion of work press "Exit" an inscription.