How to define the termination of a noun

How to define the termination of a noun

Noun - the part of speech designating subjects (a barrel, the building, a hat), and also the animated beings (the woman, an olenenok, an elephant) or the phenomena (a rain, shine, freedom). In the offer the noun happens addition or a subject.

It is required to you

Knowledge of laws of word formation in Russian, ability to allocate a prefix, a root, a suffix and the termination in the word.

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Examine that in reference books on Russian is called as the termination. The termination or in a different way an inflection - changeable part of the word, usually settles down on the end, after a root (from here and the name). In the word it is possible to determine the person, a sort, a case and number by the termination.
Decline a noun "carpet" on numbers:
"Carpet" (singular) - "carpets" (plural).
The termination in plural - "ы".

Pay attention that the vowel "ё" in this word is "fluent", i.e. at statement of the word in a certain form the letter disappears. Including at inducement on cases:
Nominative case - "carpet-0" (Termination zero, root "carpet")
Genitive case - "carpet" (The termination "and", a root "ковр")
Dative case - to "carpet"
Accusative case - "carpet-0"
Instrumental case - "carpet"
Prepositional case - "about a carpet"
The changeable part of the word will also be considered as the termination.


Pay attention, nouns in the Nominative case, a masculine gender, the plural can have the termination "and" or "I" instead of the inducement expected by rules "ы" or "and". For example, "stack" - "stack". Also chances of variability of the use of words in the Nominative case of the plural. For example, "instructors - the instructor". And in a genitive case of the plural some nouns can have the zero termination, "ов", "ев" or "it". For example, valenok (zero termination), tangerines (termination "ов"), nails (termination by "it"). It is worth mentioning 10 more in the neuter heteroclitic nouns which terminate on "мя". In dative, genitive and prepositional cases of piece. numbers the termination at these nouns of the third inducement "and", and in an instrumental case — the end of the second inducement I "eat/eat". The burden, a stirrup, an udder, time, a seed, a cinciput, a banner, a name, a flame, a tribe concern to them.


Fix skill of definition of the termination in a noun, having allocated it in the following words.
Box, mountains, case, window, shipment at own expense, trains, pullover, ship, camera, car, movement, hurricane, tire, elements, feeling, house, owner, horseshoe, thunder, water, freedom, charge, happiness, hammer, work, trees, log hut, sky, crane, luminescence, ceilings, caramel.