How to unblock Alcatel phone

How to unblock Alcatel phone

If you bought abroad Alcatel phone, be prepared for that it, already being in Russia, will not be able to distinguish unblocking codes. However, it not the only possible situation when it is urgently necessary to unblock phone, and codes near at hand are not present.

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Use the special SmartMoto program intended for "proshivaniye" of many models of phones when using Smart-Clip and without it for an unblocking of your phone. Download this program, having followed the link: Officially Alcatel phones on the MTK platform are not supported by the SmartMoto program, however domestic testers proved the return.


Having followed the link and having downloaded the program, connect Smart-Clip to the computer. Now start the program. In a window of the menu of connection of phone choose "USB Port the Smart Clip" and then press "Search". Accurately fill a form of registration and receive a code of activation of Smart-Clip after its filling.


Before starting working with SmartMoto, adjust compatibility of the program with an operating system of your computer. For the correct work of the program in the latests version of MS Windows start it, open the section Smart-Clip and put "tag" on the option "Forbid System to Interrogate LPT Ports". After that reboot.


Connect S-Card to one of USB ports of your computer. After that start SmartMoto. Choose "personal computers COM ports" in the Connection of Phone menu. Pass to the MTK Models tab. After connect the switched-off phone to the computer by means of COM-data of a cable and choose this COM port in SmartMoto.


After that press "To read unblocking codes" and carry out instructions which will appear in a ravine window. So, for example, you can activate the Work with the Second IMEI function, if at your phone two SIM cards. At this time:

- press and hold the inclusion button on phone;
- release it as soon as in the SmartMoto window there is a message "A reading of codes of an unblocking".


Now disconnect phone from COM port and disconnect it. Insert at first into phone the SIM card unnecessary you and turn on it. Enter the code revealed by means of the SmartMoto program into a window of the appeared menu.