How to establish a siding

How to establish a siding

The vinyl siding is the leader among materials for exterior finish of country houses and cottages. Advantages of this material are beautiful appearance, durability, low price and ease of installation.

It is required to you

- siding and accessories;
- nails;
- hammer;
- fret saw;
- square;
- chalk;
- level;
- roulette;
- goggles.

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For a start calculate, how many the siding and accessories is required to you. Saydingovy panels, a starting lath, a finishing lath, a J-lath, internal and external corners will be necessary for you. Measure walls, windows, corners and will count amount of materials. Try to get at once so much, how many it is necessary because the siding from other party can differ in a shade a little.


At rough walls (that is especially actual for old houses) the obreshetka is necessary. It is taken from wooden whetstones of 40х50 mm, a step of an obreshetka of 30-40 cm. For a horizontal siding the obreshetka is done vertically, and for vertical – it is horizontal.


Installation of a siding begins with installation of a starting strip. For this purpose define the lowermost initial point, the siding from where will begin and spend on level a cretaceous strip round everything at home. Then attach a starting strip so that its bottom edge coincided with the cretaceous line. Surely leave a gap in 4-5 mm between level joints.


The following step – installation of external and internal corners. The bottom edge of each corner has to be 6 mm lower than a starting level. If you need to increase a corner, connect details with an overlap.


Windows and doors manage by means of J-laths. For this purpose cut out details by the size and fix them. After the end of installation of a siding in them the platbands which are making out windows and doors fasten.


After everything is prepared, it is possible to begin installation of panels of a siding. Installation begins from below up across. Insert bottom edge of the first panel into a starting strip and attach the upper edge to a wall. Then do the following number of panels, installing it in the lock lower and so on to the very top. It is better to have horizontal panels in chessboard order.

The vertical siding is established from left to right, fastening it with an overlap or connecting locks. Regardless of the direction of a siding, at round of a window or door the edge/end of the panel is inserted into a J-lath.


Final stroke is installation of a finishing level. Cut out necessary quantity of details, then attach them on the upper edge of a wall. Under a finishing level there has to be a small gap – an allowance for thermal expansion.