How to sew a belt for belly dance

How to sew a belt for belly dance

Belly dance looks effectively and zavorazhivayushche not only because of beautiful and womanly plasticity and smooth movements, but also thanks to the bright and richly embroidered suits which elements emphasize the movements of the dancer, decorating and supplementing them. It is impossible to call any suit for belly dance full without the rigid belt which is variously decorated and focusing attention of the audience on the movements of hips and a stomach of the dancing girl.

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There are different types of rigid belts for dance – you can choose that form of a belt which will suit you. The bottom edge of a belt can be rounded off or triangular, also there are belts with figurno the cut-out upper edge, and sometimes the lobby and back part of a belt differ in a form, and it too can decorate your suit.


Finding a belt for belly dance, do not forget about tucks – thanks to them, the rigid belt will sit on your figure densely and accurately. As a basis for a belt use any dense fabric – for example, jeans, gobelin or bortovochny.


Also you need glue flizelin, a tapestry material which you will fit the face of a belt and ornament: beads, beads, paillettes, pastes and many other things. Draw on paper a pattern with the chosen belt form, trying to do it symmetric, and then transfer a pattern to dense fabric of a basis and cut out, without leaving allowances for seams.


For durability connect together a belt pattern on a bortovka to a pattern on other dense fabric by means of fabric - "spider line", having glued details the iron. Stitch the stuck together belt details, directing a machine line in any directions to strengthen preparation.


Take a tapestry material which you want to fit a belt. If fabric very thin, duplicate it from a wrong side a glue dublerin. Put a fabric cut before yourself on a table the face down, and from above lay a rigid basis for a belt on fabric.


Lead round a belt contour a piece of chalk, leaving allowances for a podgibka from the left and right edge, and then, cutting out nothing, accurately chop off fabric pins, fitting a rigid basis of a belt. Sweep away a detail manually and sostrochit on the machine a basis with facing fabric.


Excess fabric which remained after covering of a belt, cut off tailor's scissors, turn in edges on seamy side and hem allowances. Sheathe the top and lower edges of a belt the slanting inlay which is picked up in tone.


Now you needed only to decorate a belt, being guided by own taste and the imagination. Make a beautiful beaded embroidery on a belt, sew a fringe. As fasteners for a belt use trouser hooks and a flypaper.