How to draw the schematic diagram

How to draw the schematic diagram

Schematic diagrams of electrotechnical devices are drawn with use of the standardized symbols. Such schemes can be carried out as manually, and on the computer, depending on the skills which are available for the master.

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As the reference book on the conditional graphic symbols (CGS) applied in schematic diagrams use the document the reference on which is given at the end of article. In it the most widespread designations for which differently it should search separately by several tens state standard specifications are aggregated.

At manual drawing of the scheme use graph paper. Draw the soft mechanical pencil leaving an accurate trace. It has to be much more dark than a razlinovka. After scanning of such scheme it will be possible, operating in the graphic editor with regulators of brightness and contrast, to make a razlinovka invisible, having left only the drawing. At desire use the cliche allowing to draw quickly often found symbols without resorting to use of compasses.

If you wish to carry out modeling of its work right after drawing up the scheme, use the Micro Cap program. Its facilitated version is free, and the restrictions imposed by it are so insignificant that during the work with small schemes they can be neglected. The program allows to determine operating modes of active elements by an alternating and direct current, to check algorithm of work of the scheme made of logical elements, etc. After modeling is complete, and the scheme is corrected, it is possible to make a picture of the screen and to cut out from it the graphic editor the scheme. It will not conform to domestic standards.

In case the scheme is required to be made with use of the computer, but modeling of its work is not supposed, it is necessary to choose the program for work with it depending on, whether design of the printed-circuit board is planned. If yes, use specialized software, for example, of KiCAD. If is not present, practically any raster or vector graphic editor will approach. That from them is better to use, skills of work with which are already available for you.

Putting designations of resistors according to the domestic standard (in the form of rectangles), point to them power. Two diagonal lines mean 0,125 W, one - 0,25 W, horizontal line - 0,5 W, and the whole number of watts is designated by the Roman figures. Near designations of electrolytic condensers put down a plus at a positive facing. Do not forget to number details, and also conclusions of the sockets, chips, indicators, lamps and any other components having more than three conclusions inclusive.