How to prepare the child for school-1

How to prepare the child for school-1

Year after year, in process of the child's growing, parents start reflecting that is a little more and their child will go to school. Each parent imagines as his child will be one of the best pupils in a class, and will please every day it with the estimates.

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 But not each parent understands that to reach high progress at school, the child needs to start be trained for it beforehand. Here will be insufficiently, only once to learn by heart something and to send the child to school. Training of the child for school is the long process covering various parties of its development.

As a rule, when there is a question how to prepare for school of the child allocate three main areas in which the child has to be able to prove.

1)   Intellectual

2)   Emotional

3)   Social

It is possible to judge intellectual development of the child on his ability to focus the attention on a certain task, a level of development of his thinking, and also developments of his speech and imagination. For example, to determine the level of attention of the child, it is possible to show it, at first sight, absolutely identical pictures which will differ actually in certain details. On pictures there can be 8-10 differences, and the more their child will be able to call, the above there will be his ability to concentrate attention. To help the child to develop powers of thinking, exercises according to the scheme "that here the superfluous will help?". For example, to show to the child some pictures with the image of animals, and on one of them there will be something another, will allow fish. And to ask the child to clean the excess picture. If the child did not cope with a task you should not be upset. It would be very useful to ask the child to explain why he chose this picture. For development of the speech of the child, also there is a set of various tests. And again various pictures will help with it. Ask the child to describe the image in detail. Whom does he see in drawing? What does the character do? Being admitted to school, the child has to understand well words and be able to explain their value. For example, whether he can explain that such an aquarium, school, the bus, etc.

The following area in which the child has to be prepared, going to the first class - emotional preparation. What it is meant it? The child has to be able to control the behavior. It is possible will suggest the child most to estimate the behavior during the day, for example, till a lunch and after, and to deliver itself an asterisk for good behavior. It is good if the child shows assiduity, especially when performing a task, which to it, perhaps, not really to liking.

And at last, the social level of the child, probably, the most important in order that the child could join on school Wednesday. Tells his desire to communicate with contemporaries about a social maturity of the child. Moreover, the child has to be able to build the relations with people around, to resolve the conflicts and to settle disagreements.

When parents ask themselves a question how to prepare for school of the child, they should not forget about one, very important, a factor - to develop desire to go to school and to study at the child. Also it is necessary to give to the child a clear idea that such school. Whether the child that such a lesson, change, what role of the teacher understands? The child of preschool age, often, perceives everything as game. Therefore if it is not prepared for school properly, the child can quickly be tired of everything, and there can be a feeling that he was deceived. Moreover at the child complexes which will accompany him and in adult life can develop. The most important become the friend to your child and together overcome all difficulties of a school way.