How to light an oil lamp

How to light an oil lamp

Places where in general there is no electricity, remained not so much. However they are. For example, you just got a country site, and the high voltage line there did not stretch yet. In this case the oil lamp, the benefit on sale they meanwhile very much is useful is. Such lamp and in a hunting lodge is irreplaceable, and even it is simple in tent.

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Lubricating oil

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Prepare a lamp for work. Turn off fastenings of the handle, but absolutely do not remove them. Take off a cap and an internal cover of a lamp. You will see a ceramic nozzle which needs also to be removed.


Exempt a lamp from all packing paper – in it usually wrap a plafond not to damage it when transporting. Laying from above and from below needs also to be cleaned.


Find a nozzle nozzle. Take the incadescent mantle, put it vertically and tie it to a nozzle. Cut off an excess piece of a thread.


Close a lamp a cover and a cap which you removed before work. Find a mixing tube on a lamp and direct it on a nipple. The nipple is on the top part of the evaporator.


Pour 1 liter of kerosene in the lamp tank. It needs to be done through a mouth into which the funnel is inserted. Tighten a cover of a mouth and the trigger screw. The arrow of a castor has to specify up. Pump up the pump until the arrow specifies on 1.


All lamps can be lit by means of alcohol. Pour it in the tank of heating and set fire. Wait until alcohol evaporates. After that slowly turn a castor an arrow down. The lamp has to start shining. Adjust light brightness, tightening up a screw-driver the screw in the top part of a lamp. It can be made and by means of nipple needles, and by means of a castor.