How to make a skull

How to make a skull

Were going to play pirates or to put the performance "Treasure island"? Then to you definitely not to do without skull. Who will protect differently a chest with gold and diamonds?

It is required to you

Sculptural clay or plasticine 2 whetstones
Paper napkins – 1 pack
White packing paper
PVA glue
Drawing of a skull or visual aid
Paraffin or vegetable oil.
Saucer or plate

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Begin with production of a pig. According to the picture mold it from clay or plasticine. Put a clay pig to dry for three four days.


Process a surface paraffin or slightly wipe vegetable oil.


Tear napkins on small slices. Soak them in a saucer with water. Mark a pig on two parts – occipital and front. Apply the soaked napkin slices on one of half of a pig. Close occipital part at once a layer of napkins. Block front part, leaving eye-sockets, nasal and oral openings. Do not paste over the lower part of a pig (the skull basis).


After drawing the first layer let's preparation dry out a little. From it water has to flow down. Put the following layer. Use for it the packing paper which is plentifully moistened with PVA glue. Properly dry preparation. After that put the third layer, also from packing paper. Dry preparation and remove it from a pig.
In the same sequence paste over the second half of a skull.


Take both halves of a skull. Combine them and if necessary cut edges with scissors. Fasten them on a seam with strips of packing paper on PVA glue at first outside, and then inside. Dry a skull.
Small slices of packing paper close up unnecessary deepenings and seams. Make a fringing of edges paper strips. Correct openings of eye-sockets, a nose and a mouth. Cover a skull from both parties with a layer of glue and dry.


Paint a skull with aqueous emulsion ink or varnish.