How to place furniture in the narrow room

How to place furniture in the narrow room

Cases of plannings of apartments where rooms have a form of the correct rectangle, but thus they too narrow and extended are frequent. In such room the furniture needs to be placed so that visually to make it wider.

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At arrangement of the narrow room get rid of small home decoration. Leave some large.

The narrow room furniture is selected only the most necessary and the most functional. Thus it is desirable that its color was slightly more dark than wall-paper, but in the same scale. So the furniture will not be evident, and the impression of complete open space will be made.

Do not force a wall cases. They will make the room narrower and small. If not to do without cases, buy models with glass. One of face walls can be used under a sliding wardrobe.

Pay attention to transforming furniture, for example, a sofa bed or a case table. The coffee table is better to put the glass.

Place furniture not along walls, and across the room. But remember that it should not be too bulky.

Zoning of the room – one more effective reception. With a mobile screen, a curtain or easy racks the narrow room will become cozier. Open racks will not prevent passing of light and will create a private corner. The podium in the depth of the room allocates a working zone and creates an occasional seat of storage.

If it is about kitchen, it can be broken into two parts: table and working. For their division designers often use a bar counter. So the kitchen will look in proportion.

If it is necessary to place furniture in a narrow drawing room, in one its part it is possible to create a relax zone, and in another – a corner for reading and to put a coffee little table or a book rack.

If you use the narrow room as a bedroom, can allocate in it a place under the device wardrobe. Certainly, it will occupy part of the square, but thus it will be possible not to fill the room with dressers and cases. The form of the room will come nearer to a square, and in it there will be an additional space.

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