How salad the Angel prepares?

How salad the Angel prepares?
I do not know why this salad so is called. It really tasty also prepares not difficult. Here its recipe.

We will need such ingredients: fresh mushrooms of about hundred grams, two fresh tomatoes, grams hundred Beijing cabbages, small pack of mayonnaise, two slices of bread, hundred grams of cheese firm, hundred grams of ham (or dry sausage), two chicken or four quail eggs.
We prepare salad. We need to cook eggs. Ostuzhivayem also we cut them in half, eggs it is cut on four parts.
Mushrooms need to be washed out, cut with straws and to fry on strong fire in vegetable oil.
Ham needs to be cut straws.
Cheese firm needs to be cut in large cubes. On the same cubes it is necessary to cut also bread. Then we fry bread cubes before emergence of a crisp.
Tomatoes need to be washed and cut with segments.
Now we take a flat dish and we spread:
- cabbage
- mushrooms
- ham
- with mayonnaise it is greased
- slices of tomatoes
At the edges of a plate it is necessary to spread serially: eggs, bread, cheese and so on.
Angel salad is ready.