Children's acetone How to choose treatment?

Children's acetone How to choose treatment?
Presently the atsetonomichesky syndrome at children meets rather often.
Main manifestations: vomiting and intoxication of different degree of expressiveness.
A number of the reasons can provoke the high level of ketonovy bodies: errors in food, various diseases of children's age with high temperature, stressful situations, etc. In such cases it is good to have acetone test by which it is possible to determine quickly the level of ketonovy bodies in the child's urine in the home first-aid kit. Then it is easy to orient what the help is necessary: one plus - plentiful drink, two pluses above - obligatory consultation of the pediatrician and performance of all its appointments.
The diet with an exception of proteinaceous food and animal fats is necessary for patients. Diet basis: porridges on water, meatless soups, stewed vegetables, baked apples, tea with a lemon, compotes from dried fruits, self-made croutons.
In process of improvement of a condition of the child the diet can become more various. What products can be added to a diet - the doctor will prompt.