How to make the formatno-raskroyechny machine

How to make the formatno-raskroyechny machine

If you decided to be engaged in production of cabinet furniture, to you not to do without formatno-raskroyechny machine. The principle of its work is simple, but the machine of factory production has decent cost. Not each beginning businessman is able to afford purchase of such equipment. And here to make the machine the hands quite on forces to everyone who is able to handle the tool and though it is a little familiar with equipment.

It is required to you

- metal pipes;
- metal corners and channels;
- two electric motors;
- shaft from agricultural machinery;
- main saw disk;
- cutting disk;
- fasteners (bolts and nuts);
- welding machine;
- a tool kit for work with metal.

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Make a strong steel bed (basis) of the machine. For this purpose use metal channels. The amount of preparations for a bed has to be such that length of the machine made 6500-6700 mm, width of 2500 mm, height of 800-1100 mm.

Design main directing the machine, floor directing and strengthen them on a bed. For production directing use a pipe the sizes of 60х5х6500 mm.

Make a mobile desktop moving on directing. In machine operating time the table will carry out submission of the sheet.

Length of the line of a cut provide equal 3000-3200 mm. It is possible to reduce or increase this parameter at will, for this purpose it is enough to change length of the directing.

Hang on the machine two saws – the main and cutting. Saws are established on the saw block and rotate towards each other, set in motion by two asynchronous engines. Provide opportunity for the block possibility of an inclination at an angle to 45 degrees; for this purpose it is required to supply the saw block with the rotary mechanism.

Show consideration for a choice of engines which will set saws in motion. Power of engines has to be not less than 2,9 kW. Engines have to provide rotation of the main saw with a speed about 5000 revolutions per minute, and cutting – 8000 turns.

Use saw disks with a diameter of 250 mm that will allow to make cut of the laminated wood-shaving plate and cutting of sheets in a machine design.

For safe operation of the formatno-raskroyechny machine provide good exhaust ventilation in the production room. Otherwise particles of wood can ignite from the small spark capable to arise during the operation of engines. Considering the considerable speed of rotation of saw disks, observe the increased care during the work on the machine.