How to twirl the handle

How to twirl the handle

Penspinning – the recent hobby of youth consisting in spinning of the handle between fingers. Thanks to this hobby, the small motility and feeling of balance develops, fingers become thinner and sensitive. Special means it is not necessary for spinning of the handle: only the ball pen and an eraser on a pencil will be necessary for you.

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Just bought handle is not suitable for a penspinning: the end on which the metal writing part settles down, outweighs a little. For balance put on an eraser other end. In general for a penspinning only subjects of office are used: the handle, eraser, paper clips. Additional resources are excluded even at mass competitions.


Clamp the handle between an average and a forefinger. Index lift the hanging-down half up, to an interval between average and anonymous. Intercept in new pair of fingers, index release. Now translate to averages the handle to a little finger and again intercept.


Little finger press the handle over anonymous, clamp anonymous and average. By the same principle transfer the handle between average and index.


Repeat in the opposite direction, then on other hand.


It is the main reception of spinning of the handle. The thumb is not involved in this exercise. Begin exercise at slow speed, gradually accelerate. Try to hold speed that the movement remained smooth and uniform, differently the effect will be lost. The thumb should not strain.