How to put a clan emblem

How to put a clan emblem

One of the most popular types of games on the Internet are mass multiuser online games (MMOG). Their appeal consists not only in a fascinating plot and beautiful graphics, but also in possibility of communication between players. Some experts carry such type of games to social networks.

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One of characteristics of MMOG (it, first of all, belongs to MMORPG (role-playing games) and MMOFPS (3D - shooters)) is creation of the groups which are often called by guilds or clans. In MMORPG (for example, LineageII, WOW, Perfect World, Warhammer) it is possible to create clans on achievement to the players wishing to become the head of clan, a certain level. Some games demand also transfer of a certain quantity of virtual game money.

What it is necessary to make to put a clan emblem?

Most of skilled players note that the emblem gives to a clan the status of a semi-official organ. Therefore many beginners of on-line games wish to put a clan emblem, however do not know how to make it. First of all, it is necessary to choose a sign. It should pay special attention as the clan will be estimated, including, and on it. There is a number of the websites on which various emblems and the coats of arms for the sites developed by professional designers are published.

It is necessary to study the rules MMORPG also. The majority of online games gives the chance to put an emblem only on achievement by a clan of a certain level (for example, the third level in LineageII). Also there are certain requirements to the file containing an emblem. For example, in LineageII it has to be drawing in the bmp format (256 flowers). The size of an emblem should not exceed 12 on 16 pixels. Some online games do restrictions also on drawing "weight", for example in Perfect World it cannot be more than 824 bytes.

To put a clan emblem in the majority of MMORPG it is possible to make this in game online. For example, in LineageII it is necessary to come into the menu of a clan. Then to press "Set Crest" and in the opened window to write a way to the file which contains an emblem. In some games, for example, in Perfect World, it is necessary to write the application in a support service, to attach an emblem to the letter.