How to learn a mailbox index

How to learn a mailbox index

Once the index of a mailbox was learned in the childhood, together with house number and the name of the street. Now we by heart remember e-mail and passwords from credit cards. And for clarification of an index it is necessary to make certain efforts.

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Visit the official site of Russian Post ( In the left side of the main page find the reference "Search of Offices of a Mail Service". On the opened page enter parameters of the residence (or that place which postal index you want to learn). In the dropping-out lists choose the region, the area, the settlement. Write the name of the street and house number. It is also possible to write at once all address in the column "Search in the Address". Thus at first type the name of the city, then street, house number. Between names do not put any punctuation marks and do not write prefixes (the city, the street, the house). If house number contains a letter, put it right after figure, without gap. Number of the case, on the contrary, is written after a gap. Press the search button located in the lower part of the page.

The address of post office which serves the called house will become a search result. In the first column of the table with the address the required index will be written.

Except the official site of mail there are resources intended only for search of an index. Type in a line of any Internet search engine the phrase "to learn the postal index" and come on any of the offered sites. As a rule, information on them is ordered according to names of the cities (they are presented in the list form alphabetically).

If you understood that do not know an index, before sending a parcel directly by mail, address to the operator accepting mailings. He will prompt your index and in the database will find the addressee's index.

You can find a required combination of figures and at home. Look, perhaps, you kept old letters or boxes from parcels and parcels post. On them under your postal address the index will be surely written.