How to cook cheese soup in English?

How to cook cheese soup in English?
The remarkable recipe of tasty soup which has a peculiar juicy taste thanks to that for its preparation as one of the main ingredients the slightly smoked sausage cheese is used is gives to such soup originality of taste.

So, such products will be necessary for you for preparation of cheese soup in English: one small carcass of chicken (or a half large), three liters of water, 250-300 grams of the sausage cheese which was (slightly smoked) three-four potatoes of the average size, one big head of onions, vegetable oil, and also a bunch is fresher than some parsley (well or any other greens to taste).

In the suitable size the pan needs to be filled in water, to put there already completely prepared chicken and then to boil to full readiness. Meanwhile to prepare other ingredients: smoked sausage cheese needs to be grated on a large grater, to cut the peeled potatoes in cubes of the small size, to crush onions.
In a frying pan on previously warmed vegetable oil to fry onions to transparency. To divide ready chicken meat into small slices and to add on a frying pan to the onions which became transparent and to continue to prepare to a zolotistost.
To put potatoes and when it is ready in the remained chicken broth, to add the fried onions and chicken meat, and also polished sausage cheese there. Together to cook everything about 5-10 more minutes, to pour the crushed greens and to remove soup from fire.
It is necessary hot to give such soup.