How to grow up a radish in the greenhouse

How to grow up a radish in the greenhouse

Garden radish – very useful guest on any table. It contains a large amount of protein, mustard oils, mineral salts of phosphorus, iron, potassium and sodium. Thanks to the enzymes and vitamins which are a part, the garden radish helps an organism to wake up from hibernation. That is why it is so pleasant to grow up a rich crop, using a hotbed.

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Pave the way in the greenhouse. It is best of all to begin preparation in the fall that the crop appeared in time as soon as possible. Introduce mineral fertilizers and compost. Put on 1 square meter of the earth 50 g of superphosphate, 10 g of chloride calcium, carefully level the soil. Clean off snow in the spring, establish a covering on the greenhouse (if it removable), spill the soil warm water and start crops when air temperature reaches the level of +10 degrees.

Do not use the same soil for planting of a radish within two years in a row. Optimum to maintain an interval in 3-4 years. Is also inadmissible to plant a garden radish after cabbage, turnips and radishes.

Choose a grade of the seeds yielding the best viability and a volume harvest. Such names well are suitable for a prorashchivaniye in greenhouses: Dawn, Heat, Hothouse, Early Red, Gribovsky, Saks, Ilk, Corundum. Check quality of seeds: lower them in hydrochloric solution, select emerged, they will not be suitable for crops. Use only sound grains.

Land seeds. Make some grooves through 15 cm from each other 2-3 cm in depth. Seed in them a radish. Use on 10 square meters 40-50 gr seeds. Level the earth a rake, without breaking ridges. Cover crops with a film that seeds sprouted quicker.

Provide to shoots sufficient illumination and temperature condition of 18-20 degrees. Water landings of 1 times in 3 days. That the plant did not give powerful arrows, reduce receipt of light: establish a framework at the height of 50 cm, at 18 o'clock stack on it dense material (tarpaulin, roofing felt), and remove only in the 7th mornings. Such way will provide cultivation of dense volume root crops. After emergence of the first shoots spin beds, leaving distance between plants not less than 3-4 cm. In due time weed weeds. Consider that the radish is strongly subject to attacks of wreckers (for example, a krestotsvetny flea beetle). To avoid infection, carry out prevention: pollinate plants mix of ashes and tobacco dust, spray greens garlic infusion.

In due time reap a crop, without allowing a radish to become rough and bitter. Some early ripening varieties are ready to collecting in 20-25 days.