How to take the picture of the old

How to take the picture of the old

On what only shifts are not started up designers to force the image to look unusual. One of enough often used ways – an artificial sostarivaniye of the photo. There are many ways to imitate style of an old photo. Generally they are reduced to change of color scale of the image and addition of noise.

It is required to you

- Photoshop program;
- texture with scratches;
- photo.

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Load the image which are going to make old, in Photoshop. Make it the Open command ("to Open") from the File menu ("File"). Click on the pictogram of the necessary file in a window of the conductor twice.


Create a new layer by means of the New team ("New") from the Layer menu ("Layer").


In the Tools palette choose the Paint Bucket Tool instrument ("Filling") and fill in a new layer in the # color 51430c. In order that to make it, click a color square in the Tools palette. In the opened palette insert a code of color into the lower field. Press the OK button. Left-click according to the open document.


Change the mode of imposing of just created layer with Normal ("Normal") to Exclusion ("Exception"). For this purpose right-click on a layer and choose the option Blending Options ("Imposing options") in a context menu. In the opened window choose the mode of imposing of Exclusion from the revealing list. Click the OK button.


Duplicate just created layer the Dublicate Layer team from the Layer menu and change the mode of imposing of the copy of a layer from Exclusion for Color.


Can add at the edges the darkened sites. For this purpose create a new layer, in a tools palette choose the Brush Tool tool ("Brush"). In settings of parameters of a brush which window is under the main menu in the left part of a window of the program, will expose the Hardness parameter on zero, and will expose Master Diameter depending on the sizes of your image. The brush has to turn out of the size of a quarter of the photo.


Color for blackout choose the most dark which is present on your picture. Guide edge of the index of the cursor which has to have an appearance of a big circle, at a corner of the image and left-click. Replace the mode of imposing of a layer with blackout with Normal with Multiply.


Make a print of visible layers of the image by means of a combination of the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E keys.


Apply degradation to the turned-out layer. For this purpose choose the Gaussian Blur filter from Blur group of the Filter menu. In a settings window will expose the degradation radius size equal to one pixel.


Add noise. It can be made, having chosen effect of Add Noise from Noise group of the Filter menu. In a settings window of noise put a tick in Monochromatic chekboksa. Pick up value of the Amount parameter approximately. Most likely, five-six percent will be quite enough.


Add scratches on the photo. For this purpose look on the Internet for the suitable picture with scratches. Open it in Photoshop, allocate by means of a combination of the Ctrl+A keys. Copy the picture by means of Ctrl+C combination. Click a window with the picture which you process, and press a combination of the Ctrl+V keys. Change the mode of imposing of a layer with scratches so that through this layer your photo was visible. The imposing mode can be picked up experimentally here. Stop on option which to you will seem to the most suitable.


Keep the changed photo by means of the Save As team ("To keep as") from the File menu.