How to prepare ham on-virdzhinski?

How to prepare ham on-virdzhinski?
To prepare ham on-virdzhinski take such ingredients (it is calculated on six portions):

Ham – seven hundred fifty grams;
Sugar – one – two tablespoons;
Carnation – eight features;
Peas – two glasses;
Salted pork fat – two slices;
Cream – one third glasses;
Salt, pepper – to taste;
Peach or pear – two – three pieces.


1. Lard ham a carnation, put on a frying pan, add a little water, slightly sugar (or mix: one tablespoon of dry mustard and two tablespoons of sugar).

2. Put the prepared meat in previously warmed oven and bake at an average temperature within one hour. From time to time water with the juice which is allocated when frying.

3. With meat it is possible to bake the halved peaches and pears, this fruit will impact to a dish distinguished relish.

4. Give juice from frying in a separate sauce-boat if it is necessary dilute it with water or wine.

5. Extinguish peas in a small amount of water, having mixed it with previously fried salted pork fat cubes fat from which to merge. After add cream, salt and pepper.

To it give a pan with the fried potatoes.