How to make a plate of paper

How to make a plate of paper

The plate from paper can become an unusual element of a decor as nursery, and kitchen if to hang out some such plates on walls instead of pictures. And still the colourful paper plate can become a thing on which the child can give gifts and surprises from dear people. There are some types of production of a plate from paper.

It is required to you

For the first option: a plate, the old newspaper, paints, a brush, potato starch, ware for glue preparation. For the second option: the sheet of dense paper or a cardboard (it is possible to use also sheet plastic), scissors, a pencil, compasses.

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Option first. First of all prepare glue which needs to be welded from water and starch. Put water on fire and when water starts beginning to boil, a vsypta a small amount of starch. Let's paste boil a little and cool.


Moisten the plate chosen as preparation with water and stick paper slices to its bottom. It is necessary to do everything accurately. Then dip paper slices for the subsequent layers into paste and stack them at each other.


Let's a product dry well, at least during the night. After that accurately separate a paper plate. That it looked accurately, straighten its edges.


Now the ready paper plate can be painted, decorated cards, beads, a shell of walnuts, haricot, multi-colored buttons, special napkins for a decoupage. The shell and haricot can be painted and when they dry, to paste to a plateau and to varnish.


Option second. Take a sheet of paper, draw a circle in its middle.


Cut out a small triangle from one of the parties so that its top corner was in the middle of a leaf.


Curtail a cone-shaped bowl from a leaf. Fix edges. Bend its sharp end in a product, having created thereby a steady bottom of a plate.


The plate is ready. It is possible to use it as ware for loose products or as a decorative subject.