How to make a site backup

How to make a site backup

Backup of the site is necessary for its fast restoration in case of breaking or at emergence of technical problems on a hosting. Lack of a backup can lead to that the site will be lost and it should be created anew.

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In spite of the fact that large failures on hostings happen rather seldom, do not neglect backup. You will be protected from any accidents and will be able quickly to restore, in case of need, your resource, having lost a minimum of data.

To create a backup copy of the site, come into the control panel of your account on a hosting. Find the option "Management of BACKUP" - perhaps, at you it will be called a little differently.

Having come into the section of backup, choose the folder of your site in the opened list. Allocate it, at the end of the line there has to be a badge of preservation of a backup. Press it.

There will be a window in which information on preservation parameters – a file name will be output, the place necessary for preservation of time, etc. Agree with everything, having pressed OK.

Preservation process will begin, it can take ten and more minutes, depending on the site size. After the end of preservation look in the control panel of the folder of your resource – there has to be a file of a backup. Download it on the computer. Remember that this file should be downloaded as at failure on a hosting it can be lost.

If you had simply information site without registration of users, procedure of preservation is complete. But in case the site used databases, they too need to be kept. For this purpose start the utility of management of databases, usually it is PhpMyadmin.

Open the Export tab, choose a database necessary to you. Put a birdie in the line "Keep as the File" and press Apprx. the File it is kept, you needed only to copy it on your computer.

Reliably to insure your resource from any surprises, keep backups of the site and a database on the external carrier – for example, on a flash card or a compact disk. Backup copies should be made or through some period – for example, once a week, or after a vykladyvaniye on the site of new materials.