How to put the password of the administrator

How to put the password of the administrator

The rights of the administrator are required on any actions influencing system: installation and removal of programs, viewing of system files, an entrance to the protected folders, removal and editing system files and others. Such division of the rights is provided that inexperienced users did not remove and did not change anything critical in an operating system. On your account of the administrator it is possible to establish the password, and then it cannot be started, without having specified the confidential word known only to you.

It is required to you

- computer;
- operating system.

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To put the password of the administrator, it is necessary to use standard means of an operating system. For this purpose press the Start-up button and in the menu select the Control panel item. Find the "Accounts of Users and Family Safety" point in the appeared window and press it the left button of a mouse.


Find the Accounts of Users point and also press it the left button of a mouse. The top line of the opened control window — "Creation of the password of the account", activate it.


In a dialog box type your password and repeat it for check of correctness of input. Set the help for the password — it is required to you if you long do not work behind the computer and will forget the password. Also the utility will prompt to you, whether easy you have a password for breaking. However it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account that fact that for breaking of passwords special utilities which can touch thousands of combinations are created. Try to do difficult passwords which are not connected with any dates, names, names. It is best of all to choose a crazy combination of letters and figures.


Keep changes and close a window of accounts. Reboot that changes came into force. Now when loading the computer the operating system will display a dialog box with request of the password. Do not forget to enter the password in that apportion in which it was entered originally.


The section "Accounts of Users" is specially intended for creation of accounts and control of the rights of users. If you worry for safety of your programs and operability of system, and it is necessary to share the computer with someone else after all, adjust accounting policies and the rights of users.