How to write verses happy birthday for it

How to write verses happy birthday for it

To write verses – occupation difficult. Usually the poem is born in those moments when the stream of the unconscious flows on paper in the form of graphically expressed sounds, melodies, phrases. But there are also moments when the verse needs to be written, despite of inspiration or desire. In this case it is necessary to follow some simple rules simply.

It is required to you

– knowledge of the main personal qualities of the addressee;
– dictionary of synonyms;
– rich lexicon or dictionary of rhymes.

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To write the congratulatory poem for the male birthday man, for a start it is necessary to make a short psychological portrait of this person. Any verse is first of all the message, so, it is important that this message was heard. Some rhymed lines will not become a congratulatory verse if to the birthday man are indifferent or even the words sent to its address are opposite. By drawing up a psychological portrait first of all it is necessary to pay attention to age of the birthday man (the lexicon), its character (soft or brutal depends on it), the attitude towards the author of future poem, that is, to you.

The congratulatory poem is written on the basis of a psychological portrait. For example, if the birthday man – the person feeling thin matters and belonging to you with love and tenderness abated to write on its own behalf better. In such verse it is better to use only a female rhyme (the terminations of lines unaccented, for example: "The strong shoulder man's / Haunts after all to me"), and in lyrics to place emphasis on emotions, feelings, a rush, but not idea and the deep contents. Sincerity of feelings and tenderness – here the main weapon of such verse.

If the birthday man – the brutal macho not capable to estimate a sincere rush, and a verse has to be "man's". Use the man's terminations of lines in the poem (for example, "Oh what you are a man! / For me you simply chic!"), add humour a little clear to both of you, put emphasis on the best qualities of the birthday man, extolling and eulogizing them.

When writing the poem use only words, clear for the addressee. The nine-year-old boy will hardly understand sense of the phrase "my blood – quicker than an electron in the heated synchrophasotron", and for the thirty-year-old man would be strange to hear "oh-lyuli, oh-lyuli, pies we baked". The main problem the beginning poets often call search of a rhyme, but any dictionary of rhymes on the Internet will help to cope with it. Actually, the main task of the poet – to keep a rhythm of the poem and not to break foot. In this case often the simple otstukivaniye of a rhythm when reading every line helps. If you hear that this or that line is beaten out from a rhythm – safely copy it.

Re-read the poem once again for search of stamps. Be careful of classical stamps of rhymers. For example, rhymes of "rose frosts", "heart door", "blood love" concern to them or I "congratulate-wish". The congratulatory poem is simply obliged to be original, and therefore you should not borrow phrases or the whole stanzas from classics. At last, patch holes in a narration. Some words, for example, can be read with different accents, and some phrases can be filled with different meanings for different type of people. And if one person in the phrase "all night long to fry" hears the complaint of the army cook, another can hear something absolutely not children's. Be convinced that similar casual ambiguities in your verse are not present, and the birthday man will see in the text only that you would like.