What is the style pinap?

What is the style pinap?
Pinap style - rin-up appeared in the 30th years of last century in America, and at first reckoned only as advertizing style for a journal illustration and graphics, with real life having nothing in common. From covers of popular magazines, posters, cards cheerful coquettish girls in lungs, the fluttering dresses, magnificent skirts, bathing suits smiled. The idea of the beauty from a cover made improbable success.

Pictures with the image of beauties were cut out from magazines and newspapers and were kidding to a wall or to furniture, it and gave the name to style. In translation from English "to pin up" - to pin, that is literally - to pin the picture on a wall. Often pictures in style pinap represented the half-naked girl or the girl who got to a juicy situation, and the look was at the same time both coquettish and surprised.

Models for a pinap artists selected very carefully, generally it were celebrities – famous actresses, singers, models, sex – symbols of the time. In creation of an image each trifle therefore girls on pinap - pictures looked ideally was thought over. A make-up, a hairdress, clothes, linen, footwear – everything was selected in a certain style, and models were always beautiful, sensual and very womanly.

Over time the clothes, hairdresses and a make-up of models began to be copied, women sought to become similar to advertizing beauties, and style pinap became mass and very popular. To the middle of the 60th years of the XX century style pinap was the most fashionable not only on a podium, but also in life. Today the fashion comes back to feminity, and pinap experiences a rebirth, both pictorialists, and fashion designers became interested in it.

What is characteristic for style pinap?

Make-up only the classical. Accurate, it is thin the brought black shooters, well-groomed eyebrows and eyelashes, bright red lipstick. Eyelashes can be both laid on, and increased, they surely have to be long and dense.
Hairdress. Of course well-groomed hair. They can be laid by faultless large waves, curls or accurate ringlets. Small piles, dense bangs, beautiful hairpins in the form of a flower, or fresh flowers with which often decorated hair – everything has to tell bandages for hair about feminity.

Clothes. Bright, but not motley. Peas, a cage, different flowers – poppies, roses, sea style. Fabrics generally the lungs flying colors the most different. Dresses with wide skirts and the fitting bodice, easy blouses, skirts - "sun flares", turn-down collars, a deep decollete, sundresses on shoulder-straps and the wide belts emphasizing a waist – here the main components of style pinap.
Footwear. Surely hairpin or high steady heel. If it is shoes, they with ornament in the form of a bow, a rosette. In the fortieth – the fiftieth years leather shoes cost very much, and rag shoes with a platform sole and heels from a tree or a stopper became fashionable.

Presently style pinap is not so conservative, the modern fashion introduces the amendments, allows to experiment, combine. But nevertheless feminity remains its indispensable condition.