What to do if the dog attacked

What to do if the dog attacked

Any dog, even well familiar, remains a predator and poses potential threat for the person. In only one Moscow it is fixed one year prior to 30 thousand attacks of dogs on people. There is a lot of reasons for that. Today in frequent possession there is a large number of fighting dogs with unstable mentality. In recent years sharply the quantity of ownerless animals increased. Therefore it is necessary always ready to be competent to resist to attack.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What to Do if the Dog Attacked" How to beat off from dogs How to define threat of an abortion How to choose an intrauterine spiral At each dog, even homeless, is the territory. If the stranger goes into it, the animal, most likely, will banish him bark. Here the main thing - not to be frightened and not to run. As soon as you turn to a dog a back, she will seize to you trousers. Do not do sharp movements and quietly leave the territory.

When the dog rushes on you silently, it is already serious. If the situation allows, climb over a fence, take cover at an entrance, climb on a tree, come into water. If to hide it did not turn out, be going to be protected. Occupy a steady pose, whenever possible lean a back against a fence, a wall, a tree not to fall and protect the backs. Will expose a bag, an umbrella, the curtailed clothes forward. The dog will instinctively seize this subject, and you will be able to strike her a kick at this time.

Think that it is possible to use as the weapon. Suddenly opened umbrella, a flame of a lighter can frighten a dog properly. Use everything for protection that is near at hand. Throw stones or the earth in a dog, having exposed before themselves any subject. It is so possible to hold a dog at distance. Thrust to an animal into a mouth a stick, a bag or even the hand wound by a clothes layer.

If near at hand it appeared nothing, will expose a forearm forward and strike blow earlier, than the animal will seize you. On a body of a dog there are some weak spots. The weakest is a tip of a nose. The serious blow to this place can even kill a dog. Also the nose bridge, the skull basis, a podreberye, a stomach are vulnerable.

That are not afraid even of terrible dogs, there is an idle time, but quite effective reception: it is necessary to learn to perceive a dog as little person with sharp teeth, but not as an animal.

In advance be adjusted to bear pain. The main task not in avoiding any stings, and in to allowing serious injuries. The clear consciousness and speed of thinking is the key to success in extreme situations.