How to draw a roll

How to draw a roll

The greeting card, the announcement, advertizing, map or the certificate of honor will look much more unusual and brighter if you issue them in the form of an ancient pergament roll. If you possess initial skills of work in Adobe Photoshop, for you it is possible to draw such roll with means of computer graphics, and then to use it in any Internet publications and the press.

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Create the new document in the Photoshop and choose the instrument of rectangular allocation. Draw a rectangle and fill in it with the color reminding a shade of old parchment. Click on a layer with a rectangle, having clamped Ctrl to allocate it, and then open the Filter menu and choose the option Render-> Clouds.


Then again open the menu of filters and choose the option Render-> Lighting Effects. Establish the necessary settings of light, reduce Negative value and change the channel in Texture Channel. For creation of effect of the made old paper choose at a toolbar an eraser with the necessary invoice and process edges of a roll.


After that choose the option Poligonal lasso tool and allocate the extended cone-shaped parts then copy them on a new layer in the top and lower parts of a roll. By means of the option Free Transform stretch and transform the created forms, approaching them to a type of the twirled parties of a roll. Erase corners of the truncated cones curls to create semicircular edges.


Make curls volume – allocate the top layer and, without removing allocation, create a new layer. Change color of a layer to lighter, and then establish a gradient on a layer, directing it obliquely that the line of a gradient coincided with a cone curl corner. Create one more layer and adjust in it a shadow, having established for it a dark-violet shade.


Round rigid brush with transparency of 8-14% and the mode of mixing of Multiply process drawing, adding the shaded sites. Walk a shadow brush in all places which have to be shaded, rather incident light. Now open the menu of filters and choose the Gaussian Blur filter with a radius of 2,5. In the lower part of a roll add light patches of light reflexes.


In order that the roll looked realistichny, slightly worsen quality of paper. Create a new layer, press a key D and use to a layer the Render filter-> Clouds, and then use the Stylized filter-> Find Edges. Adjust the Levels settings so that paper seemed made old.