How to choose lingerie

How to choose lingerie

The woman in magnificent satin or lacy linen feels kingly surely and looks tempting, but on it the functions which are carried out by this detail of clothes do not come to an end. The linen not only decorates, it protects, helps to observe personal hygiene, supports, strengthens, drags away. It is very important to be able to choose female underwear correctly.

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Select linen according to its appointment: for daily socks, for romantic meetings, for sports activities or for correction of a figure. To make daily jogs in a silk bra on stones, maybe, and pleasantly, but nobody will give a guarantee of that in such linen your breast will be protected.


Buy linen of the size. Upon purchase surely try on it. Shoulder-straps and a belt of a bra should not stick into skin, the breast should not be squeezed or drop out of cups. Shorts have to be comfortable, tightly fitting a body, but not squeezing it. The good linen should not be felt on a body at all.


Pay attention to material, quality of lines and a way of fastening of decorative elements. For daily socks the linen from cotton will approach more, for sports activities choose polypropylene and polyester. Watch that in shorts there was a cotton insert. Be convinced that nothing scratches skin (jewelry, incorrectly melted off ends of threads and other).


If in your clothes there are dresses tightly fitting a body acquire seamless underwear. Upon purchase remember and color scale. The linen under clothes should not be noticeable. And it belongs not only to thickness of seams, but also to color of underwear. Any woman has to have sets of black, white and corporal color, other colors – on your discretion.


Choose linen, proceeding from the build. Thongs on fat women look not too esthetically, shorts visually shorten feet, and deep cut on hips, on the contrary, extends. The bra form too matters as changes a shape of a breast. If cannot define, whether the form suits you, put on from above an undershirt, estimate "ready result".


The correcting linen has to hide shortcomings, but not emphasize them. Be convinced at a choice that the belt of shorts or shorts is rather high to hide defects. Too low belt will make the folds which are over it, even more accurately. The same belongs and to elastic bands at the level of the middle of a hip. Upon purchase of a corset be convinced that you will be able to breathe and move in it. Corsets have to drag away, but not hold down.