How to cook lentil cream soup?

How to cook lentil cream soup?
In my opinion, lentil is one of the most perfect food. It is good both in soups and in porridges. The dishes prepared from lentil differ in the nutritiousness, a sytnost, usefulness and rich taste. If you never tried this a product, inexpensive, but very valuable on the contents, that, mine to you council, look narrowly at lentil more attentively.

Lentil cream soup

On 4-6portsy it will be necessary for you:

Lentil green – 450 g
Broth meat or chicken – 1 ½ l
Potatoes – 1-2 pieces (small)
Onion – 1 bulb
Salt, pepper, spices – to taste
Butter – 40-50 g
Wheat flour – 1 tbsp.
Sherry dry – 1 tbsp (at will)
Parsley greens – to taste

Way of preparation:

When decide that for tomorrow's lunch it is quite good to prepare lentil cream soup, the night before wet lentil in a large amount of cold water. And next day, wash out lentil, again fill in with fresh water, and put to cook on small fire of minutes 30.

When time allowed for lentil cooking comes to an end, clean and cut onions, and fry it on oil to a condition of softness in a frying pan with high sides. While onions are fried, clean and cut potatoes. As soon as onions reach the necessary standard, start to it potatoes and fill in broth.

To the same time it has to be ready and lentil therefore merge from it all excess water, and lentil too send to a frying pan with broth. Salt, pepper everything to taste, cover a frying pan and leave soup to cook-pine on weak fire to full readiness of potatoes.

When everything cooks, and potatoes will become soft, shift vegetables in the blender and crush them to a condition of mashed potatoes. If there is no blender, can simply wipe these vegetables through a sieve, so even it will be better, however, a little more long.

Further, in other frying pan fry a flour on a small amount of oil, add to it that vegetable puree which at you turned out, and then pour in broth in which all vegetables cooked. Bring everything to boiling, and switch off. At desire and taste it is possible to add a sherry to soup, it will add it a special savor.

When giving on a table decorate every portion with fresh greens.

Bon appetit!