How to develop a brand

How to develop a brand

Branding in Russia - still developing branch, but is attached every year to it the increasing significance. The brand is urged to serve for distinction of goods in the competitive environment. It is not difficult to develop it theoretically, but the main thing is its real work in practice.

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Be engaged in a naming. Develop a brand name, it is desirable to make some alternative names - after testing of one, perhaps, its change is required. Further start development of slogans. There has to be one main, and also some collateral slogans for advertizing campaigns.

Start visual components. Create a logo, design of packing of the grocery line, design of advertizing materials.

Segment the market and define a target segment. For this purpose make segment "profile", analyse consumer motivations and preferences, define requirements which your competitors did not manage to satisfy, and also requirements to a "ideal" brand, differences from the competing brands. Having executed all these points, you receive the concept of future brand.

Develop strategy - ways on which resources of the organization for creation of value of a brand will be used. Begin with positioning - system of approaches and ways of studying of the phenomena and processes of formation of possible positions of a brand depending on its benefits and advantages and relevance of this position for target audience.

Create communications. Efficiency of bringing information on a brand position to target audience depends on it. Use advertizing, a public relations, creation of positive reputation, sales promotion and trade. Dispel channels of distribution then you will be able to control a position of the company.

Be engaged in pricing. The brand in itself is the valuable asset of the company which is in some ratio with the price and real size of increase of profit for branded goods. Application of a brand as an asset in combination with right strategy of management of a brand the companies give additional profit.