How to pm

How to pm

The personal message, pm, HP – a means of exchanging private messages within the concrete site (a forum, a social network, the blog). Such messages contain the data concerning only the sender and the recipient.

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Find the user to whom want to send the message. Click on its avatar or a name. In some forums it is necessary to click not the left, but the right button of a mouse and in a context menu to choose the User's Profile command. You will automatically pass to its page.


On the page of a profile near an avatar find the button of sending the message. She can be marked out by a badge of an envelope, "dog", the letters "HP". On it there can be an inscription: "To send the message", "The personal message", "To write to the user" or similar. On English-speaking resources look for the similar translations. Press this button.


In the field "Subject" enter a question which want to set. At the majority of forums this field is optional, but if the user does not know you, it is better to specify that the message was not similar to spam.
Under a subject enter the text of the message. Can press the Attach button even below (to "Attach", "Put") and to add the small file of any format (video, a photo, audio, text).


Press the Preview button to check the message. Then "to Send" that the message was delivered.